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Oct. 27th, 2011

(no subject)

Soo my Birthday was yesterday. It's funny I've been calling mysel 37 for hal a year now when I was 36. Doesn't feel any different.
Birthday was fun. Friends Nathan and Melissa took me to the movies and then we went out to eat with sue ann. Had good Vietnamese. So it was good.
I come home, sorta sleep in an hour... check my bank account. Paycheck bounced, payments not paid, bank account over drawn and no money till Nov 3rd. And then most of it will go to the payments and the overdraft fees... yup means I'm still alive.
oh well.. at least I have a place to stay. Staying with a friend. Might even be a place for when I get consistant funds.
Oy Vey!

Aug. 10th, 2011

Last commission for a while...

So I this set of armor is the last commission will be doing for a while. I am trying to move to NYC to get my career started and shoot some short films for a web series. I will be living with two friends for the first month or so and they have no space for anything, but me and my clothes. That and I will need to get work to save money to get a place with roommates of course and there has to be some space for me to do this work. So it might be Dec. or January before I have the space to do so. I might also restrict some of the work to mostly for myself and a random commission every now and then. Commissions take up so much time to make. This armor I started July 11th and just got finished last Thursday night. I was also working on a helmet for another work as well.. but this took way to long because I had to make scales. Most of my time was spent on the scales. A friend commented I am not charging enough for the amount of work I put into these commissions. The only problem is most people think I charge too much, but if they spent the time to do the figures on how many hours a day and days a week I put into it.. it would equate to a full time job and I would be getting about 3-500 a week. I work 10- 12 hours on this stuff. So I have to reconsider how I approach doing commissions for other people. And now the armor.
The show Game of Thrones is a great show. The commissioner wanted me to make Jaimie Lannister's Kings Guard armor he wears. I think this is the most detailed project I have ever done. I loved it so much I really didn't want to give it up.. but that is part of doing art and commissions.

It is a difficult piece at this time since I've never engraved knot work, never made scale male and it's all with the thin plastic. This is difficult because you can't go too deep other wise you will affect structural integrity.

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This is Nick the commissioner. He is going to wear it to Dragoncon, so if you want to pose with him, just ask him. He will also have a cloak with it.

Jun. 19th, 2011

Trying to Move Forward

Well things are still slow and somewhat depressing even if there is a little light at the end of the tunnel... but that light is moving and I'm not sure which way it's going. Maybe someone strapped a flashlight onto a dog again. anyway.
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On a brighter note. We did start our fundraiser yesterday. We are trying to raise funds for the 6 short films I plan to film in August in NYC. Our asking budget is 19000, but we do have it on a slide scale so that however much we get will dictate how many shorts we will shoot. This will help go into our investment package for the feature. If we don't get all the money for but a couple of shorts, we will film those release them and use them to raise more funds. We need a decent package and audience in order to build up our portfolio to present to potential investors. We have an interview video up with information on how to donate, some videos in the Gallery and we plan to add more videos and a possible animatic as we move through the campaign period. So stay tuned you never know what might pop up.


In case you just want to see the initial video:

We also have our Website up and running with more footage;

also we have an Elmer facebook page where I keep it up to date with robot videos. These range from music videos, shorts, commercials, ads, retro robot stuff and robotic educational information. So please stop by and like us.

Donations will help these shorts occur and hopefully facilitate a feature next year. We have some great perks with the donations. Some get free short films, some posters and some credits. And even one allows you a role on either the short film or the feature. So check them out and see what you can do to help. And remember even if you can't give money, just refer us to others, so that they can help as well. The more that know the more you allow some aspiring film makers to make their dreams come true.

And last, but not least some of the most recent armor/costuming commission finished. Some time back I worked on the Hawke Armor for Daniel. The one thing that wasn't complete was the claw glove. A leather glove was finally sent and it is finally finished. Also below the cut Ninja Gaiden armor and Nariko hip belt.
You can click on some of the images for bigger images since the journal cuts them off at a certain size.

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Feb. 24th, 2011

(no subject)

We are still in the throws of having moved. When you have less stuff it makes it easier to rearrange and set back up. But at least I have computer area, drawing table and workshop tools set up for commissions and E.L.M.er work.
Did I mention E.L.M.er work. I know it's been a while since I've mentioned it, but we are working full steam ahead with developing a series of short films based off the two leads Nathan and E.L.M.er and of course a series of commercials for Schpritz! We are working diligently to get the website going for progress pics and video-blogs of work putting together this endeavor. Maybe even appearances of the characters. I hope to start filming the short films in New York City in July. Yes, I am planning to move to New York in July. I just need some work now to save for the move.
We hope to have the website up in the next couple of weeks as well as an indiegogo fundraising campaign. We have a facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ELMer/133472166682905
We would appreciate you liking our page. We will also be putting art up as we go along and possibly adding a fan art section. If you're interested in know below is description of the film and a couple of concept drawings.

Release Date: Christmas 2012
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Studio: Patron Pictures

Plot Outline:
E.L.M.er is a robot and for the past 20 years he has been helping his human master Nathan try to capture Santa Clause without question. Nathan blames his father’s Christmas Eve death on Santa. This year E.L.M.er plans on fixing Nathan’s obsession after they receive a final recall letter from the manufacturer warning of E.L.M.er’s impending

E.L.M.er begins activating a series of escapades with Nathan so that he can meet people and create a family of his own. From pulling off a Cyrano de Bergerac to a night out with co-workers at the Cyber Disco, their Christmas will not be the same.

In his last attempt of fixing Nathan E.L.M.er sabotages Christmas and finds himself being sent back to the manufacturer. In the next few days Nathan realizes how important E.L.M.er is to him and has to race against time and Christmas obstacles in order to save himself and E.L.M.er.

Directed By: Robert Chrisco
Screenplay By: Robert Chrisco
Produced By: Kevin Erhard and Jordan Yost

and by the way this is what happens when your robot buddy goes up against cylons: They CYLONIZED!

Jan. 30th, 2011

Kali MAh

So Here is the video for which the blood cup was made.


Also I will be posting things I am selling on here soon. I need to get rid of stuff in order to have money to move. It's funny my dad on my initial move here in 2006 made me move here with what I can carry in my car. He said he wanted me to make sure it was something I wanted to do. I made it through the first quarter and wanted to continue, so I moved my stuff down here. Now it's the same in reverse, but I can only bring back what I can carry in two cars. My best friend Fonso is driving down to help me. So I have to get rid of furniture: craigslist or dump. Get rid of shelves and other things. And I may have to sell all of movies if not most of them and including any masks and props left over dirt cheap just to make it home. I can't say I regret moving here. I made new friends, learned much about film making and made some films in the process. I don't regret it, but I feel like I've failed even though I know it is not true. But after watching Kung Fu Panda.... I am ready to keep moving forward. Forward is the only movement allowed, for backwards may have you walking off a cliff.

Jan. 23rd, 2011

Outer shell and inner

So I finished the paint job on the armor I painted last time and I also finished up the Harpy bird skull masks for Jordan Morris's music video. Since she is helping me with a little E.L.M.er concept art and storyboards I figured I would return the favor and make these for her.

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Also due to financial problems I have to move back home to NC. I will be moving in with my dad, looking for work, saving up and then moving to either NYC or LA. It's not something I want to do, but I have to do it. A good 4-6 months of saving when I get a job should help out. It does feel soul crushing though. It takes me away from a creative environment and access to people who can help me work on projects when I need the help, but the outcome should place me in a better place to be more creative.

Dec. 8th, 2010

(no subject)

By the way if anyone sends me a package this year.. anyone.. mark UPSTAIRS in big bold letters on it... otherwise they will get turned away by my neighbors and not even make an effort to walk up to my door.


Dec. 6th, 2010

(no subject)

As of late I have been doing commissions. They did sustain me for 2 months. Here are a few that I put together recently and one that is in the works. One of these are not on my facebook or webpage since they are going to be shown in skit I am helping out on for a website. So since not many people are vested here I can show it.

Boba Fett:

Slave Leia:

Molirahm's blood cup from Indiana Jones and the Temple of doom

Commissioned armor;

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Dec. 5th, 2010


So I've been out of the loop on updating lj. To busy trying to pull together other stuff for future projects. So I am still without a job at this time. It's driving me nuts. I've never gone this long without a job. Ok I know I was in school, but I consider that a job since I was working on my future. I graduated with my M.F.A. in Film and Television in August, but technically I was done in May. But mitigating circumstances kept me from submitting finished Thesis materials. So I spent the summer finishing thesis and working on a feature film script. I got three drafts of it done and put a hold on it since the story is pretty solid. There is one more draft in it, but it's mostly to fix dialogue and minor issues. I will not do that until I have time too or get investors. I have since been doing armor commissions to get by while looking for work. I got more estimate emails then actually costumers. It has gotten me by until November and then I hit bottom. I did spend some time applying to film productions in atlanta and other places. A lot of time actually and to work in the area, no go. I spent time sending out regular applications for seasonal work. No go there either. Economy sucks all the way around. I've also been trying to sale things, but apparently no one is what I've built. I don't know if it is a sign of the economy or sign of poor craftsmanship. I have gotten better from my old stuff. But all I can do is promote away as much as possible.
We have been developing E.L.M.er as much a possible. I have recently broken my self down into making him a sorta of mechanical puppet. I am constructing him now with what I can find. Once we get funds for the feature then we will get a better constructed one build which will operate more like what I want. My two compatriots who have stuck with me to this point are still finalizing investment packages and we are going to do other things to get a stronger web presence. One of which is me constructing an E.L.M.er mark 1 if you want to call it that, so that I can start doing video blogs with him and create some short films(2-5 min) to get him more presence on the web. I have a commercial/advertisement already shot by my great Dp Nathan Blair which he shot in New York, Virginia and Puerto Rico while doing work. We don't have the final shot yet which includes E.L.M.er, thus me building this mark 1. I had a short for the film I wrote back in Winter, which developed my feature idea. Now though it is according my partners "too costly" since it was 15 minutes and had wayyy to many robots for the budget. But soon I hope to have some thing to show.
Another direction we are heading as well is making a web comic depicting the previous 20 years of Nathan and E.L.M.ers life together. This will lead up to the feature films beginning. We are looking for web comic artists who already have a presence so that we can make a deal with them and get funding to do the project. We had considered a graphic novel, but the film isn't highly stylized and does not fit standards of graphic novels that have been adapted to film out there. I could go into this discussion, but it would be long and drawn out. Anyway.
We have other ideas in the works as well. But first things first.
I believe in this film and want it to be my first feature. But I do know I may have to move in April/May or make plans to move somewhere where I can get more film work. I have my fingers crossed for film that starts work here in January.
I will make another post later this evening or tomorrow showing some of my recent commission work.


Jul. 15th, 2010

(no subject)

so friends of mine saw an article a year ago about the theory that Ferris Bueller's day off could've been Fight club. The characters lives anyway. So Lee Keeler and Rob Reese reedited a new trailer as if it were true. Getting alot of views and worth a good laugh.


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