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So I've been out of the loop on updating lj. To busy trying to pull together other stuff for future projects. So I am still without a job at this time. It's driving me nuts. I've never gone this long without a job. Ok I know I was in school, but I consider that a job since I was working on my future. I graduated with my M.F.A. in Film and Television in August, but technically I was done in May. But mitigating circumstances kept me from submitting finished Thesis materials. So I spent the summer finishing thesis and working on a feature film script. I got three drafts of it done and put a hold on it since the story is pretty solid. There is one more draft in it, but it's mostly to fix dialogue and minor issues. I will not do that until I have time too or get investors. I have since been doing armor commissions to get by while looking for work. I got more estimate emails then actually costumers. It has gotten me by until November and then I hit bottom. I did spend some time applying to film productions in atlanta and other places. A lot of time actually and to work in the area, no go. I spent time sending out regular applications for seasonal work. No go there either. Economy sucks all the way around. I've also been trying to sale things, but apparently no one is what I've built. I don't know if it is a sign of the economy or sign of poor craftsmanship. I have gotten better from my old stuff. But all I can do is promote away as much as possible.
We have been developing E.L.M.er as much a possible. I have recently broken my self down into making him a sorta of mechanical puppet. I am constructing him now with what I can find. Once we get funds for the feature then we will get a better constructed one build which will operate more like what I want. My two compatriots who have stuck with me to this point are still finalizing investment packages and we are going to do other things to get a stronger web presence. One of which is me constructing an E.L.M.er mark 1 if you want to call it that, so that I can start doing video blogs with him and create some short films(2-5 min) to get him more presence on the web. I have a commercial/advertisement already shot by my great Dp Nathan Blair which he shot in New York, Virginia and Puerto Rico while doing work. We don't have the final shot yet which includes E.L.M.er, thus me building this mark 1. I had a short for the film I wrote back in Winter, which developed my feature idea. Now though it is according my partners "too costly" since it was 15 minutes and had wayyy to many robots for the budget. But soon I hope to have some thing to show.
Another direction we are heading as well is making a web comic depicting the previous 20 years of Nathan and E.L.M.ers life together. This will lead up to the feature films beginning. We are looking for web comic artists who already have a presence so that we can make a deal with them and get funding to do the project. We had considered a graphic novel, but the film isn't highly stylized and does not fit standards of graphic novels that have been adapted to film out there. I could go into this discussion, but it would be long and drawn out. Anyway.
We have other ideas in the works as well. But first things first.
I believe in this film and want it to be my first feature. But I do know I may have to move in April/May or make plans to move somewhere where I can get more film work. I have my fingers crossed for film that starts work here in January.
I will make another post later this evening or tomorrow showing some of my recent commission work.