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As of late I have been doing commissions. They did sustain me for 2 months. Here are a few that I put together recently and one that is in the works. One of these are not on my facebook or webpage since they are going to be shown in skit I am helping out on for a website. So since not many people are vested here I can show it.

Boba Fett:

Slave Leia:

Molirahm's blood cup from Indiana Jones and the Temple of doom

Commissioned armor;

Bob: I have for a while been fusing pieces of the plastic together and carving down. I went step further and did it with the gauntlets this time and they worked out well. The top parts were fused plastic while I attached them to the gauntlet plastic bands with bondo. The top flame thrower device is also plastic separately done. I normally strap gauntlet pieces onto the arm, but this time I just made it one whole piece with slight over lap for easy on off entry. If I were a more technical engineer I would make the snap together. I was happy with the paint job on this next. I spent a lot of time trying to duplicate the exact battle damage from pictures with layers of paint.

Leia's slave outfit: I have always had trouble with breasts.... in the construction sense =b.
Just like the human head and shoulders they can be a pain since I have to approach them differently each time depending on the design. I did find though that sometimes you should stick with your first technique, but when you don't have 2 other people there to help you wrestle a mannequin to the floor do so... you have to think different. Now you look and see where my technique sort of bent the bra part, but I think I tried covering it well. This gives me more of a reason to build a vacuum form mold machine. It would solve a lot of problems, but create and extra step in the initial process. But I am happy with how the bra turned out. I also did some engineering with the front and back plates of the waist. I had to embed the attachment device into the plastic and since the design has two round circles in it.. it covers it up well and allows me to fuse it together to cover it even more. I do apologize that I do not have pics of the two side pieces. They were completed after these pics and the costume was quickly picked up. I still have to receive pictures from the purchasers.

Molirahm:Kali-Mah, shuk-tee day...Kali-mah shuk-tee day...
This is commissioned by Classy-hands.com

This was the first time I've fuse latex with plastic, and/or bondo. I think I did quite well. This was a longer process then thought.

My roommate had some left over Task 9 plastic, so made a clay skull first then created a mold with alginate and plaster. I then mixed and poured in the Task 9.

As you can see it is semi-transparent. Lots of ideas of other projects came from doing this. The one thing that did not look well was the shear number of bubble holes in it. Apparently we didn't have a proper release agent to spray in the mold that would inhibit the reaction. (what were told) I think it needed to be in a vacuum chamber for a few seconds to remove air. Just my opinion. I went back and filled in the hole with a bondo putty filler and a little bit of bondo. The jaw though I couldn't quit get it to work out with the mold system I had, so I went to good ole standby... fuse plastic together and carve into it. I carved a separate set of teeth for the upper jaw.

I then took a Tuper ware bowl, a cake center, a carved block of wood and plastic handle and bolted, glued and bondo-ed them all together. Then added more bondo to shape it out.

After that was the process of latexing ears on. I don't have pics of me molding the ears, but they are basically a copy of my ears. I took a plastic cup, cut the bottom off and sealed the top part around the ear on a plaster casting of my head that I have. I poured alginate into the cup, let it set, removed, dried out excess water and poured latex into it. Since alginate is generally a 1 use mold material I made 6 molds and finagled it to where I could get more two pulls. so i had 12 ears hanging around. I still have them somewhere. anyway. After painting the skull I latexed the ears on and and layer latexed the head and jaw. It is a long process. You have put down one layer of latex, clean the brush while it's drying then repeat in order to build up layers. Started around 1pm and stopped at 2am. I got up the next morning and found that the ears on the head looked off. They stuck out to far from the head, So I stripped off the ears and the latex area on the side and clipped them and started the sides again. The jaw and the loose skin around the other parts was a real pain. I had to pour a really, really thin layer onto a plastic lid and let it dry. Then I slowly pealed off that piece. I had to be careful, because if anyone piece touched another, it was like seran wrap: sticks to itself. So this went on for a while. but I was able to make a few touched areas look like wrinkles flesh. Afterwards I painted the whole thing with my air brush.

I am really happy with this for a first time, but my handle on the base is a little off. It is suppose to go up the back of the head. Oh well.

almost forgot this commission. This is what it looks like right now... ok well not right now some of it is painted, but cold weather is hindering further work. That and job searching and robot building.

So I'm thinking of doing a series of How To videos for armor making and such. What do you think?



This stuff is amazing, you're so talented!!! So great!!!
Thank you Mandy! It still doesn't beat some of the feats of wonder you create. I have tons of ideas all the time, but no money or time to make any of them. It drives me nuts. I have people who have contacted me with estimates for costume armor... but they've not gotten the funds together yet. I fear they will wait till the last minute to place the orders. Thank you again though.