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Outer shell and inner

So I finished the paint job on the armor I painted last time and I also finished up the Harpy bird skull masks for Jordan Morris's music video. Since she is helping me with a little E.L.M.er concept art and storyboards I figured I would return the favor and make these for her.

A commission for Dragon Age II armor of the main Character Hawke. The greaves are probably my favorite part. The video game is not out yet, but it was requested based off of the trailer.
Most of the armor is made from pvc sign plastic and bondo. I learned to bend the shapes in the feet plates with my Lorax Axe. It is painted a darker gray armor color then what I normally do, but this adds an edge to it. The spray paint was a hammered dark bronze which I enhanced with black acrylic paint. I hand wiped the black into the little hammered spots and some of the wear marks to make them stand out. Texture gives an object believability.
These plates will ride a little higher then pictured. They are made for a guy who is 6’8. He will be attaching it directly to the leather costume a leatherer is making for him. Other plates include knee armor, vambracers, gauntlet, spauldron and collar armor. The large pyramid/spikes are made from fusing plastic sheets together and carving them down. The fake welds are made from using a hot glue gun.
Since we were doing the armor based off of the trailer a few shapes were hard to discern. The gauntlet in the trailer for instance looks like 3 or 4 plates. I tried that first and then after discussion with the commissioner and finding a concept art piece we went with a full vambracer with one plate on top. I think it looks better. But both representations are placed below.

Finished some bird skulls for a students music video. Jordan Morris requested that I make the bird skull heads for her final thesis film. http://beautifulsuicideblog.blogspot.com/
They are to be used for the heads of Harpy’s in a mystical, dead world scene which plays out in the music video about the famous photograph from the 1940′s.


Here pics of them and will have more pics when the costumes are complete. I am only doing the skulls.

Also due to financial problems I have to move back home to NC. I will be moving in with my dad, looking for work, saving up and then moving to either NYC or LA. It's not something I want to do, but I have to do it. A good 4-6 months of saving when I get a job should help out. It does feel soul crushing though. It takes me away from a creative environment and access to people who can help me work on projects when I need the help, but the outcome should place me in a better place to be more creative.


I'm sorry to hear about the moving setback, but it's just a step on your journey. Those props are so awesome. Also, I'd never seen that photo before, very haunting.


Yeah, it just really bugs me. I feel like a failure even though I know it's just a precipice before the next climb. Thank you for the compliments. Which photo is haunting? your icon photo is pretty but scary all in the same. You have possesed eyes.=)
Re: the moving in with parents thing -- been there, done that. :/ It does indeed suck... but keep in mind that it'll be temporary and that you're definitely not alone. A lot of people are having to move back in with parents after school these days.

BTW, as a suggestion, check out the wow_fanart community on Livejournal. I often see people posting ads for commission work there, and maybe you can snag a customer or two from there.

Good luck, stay strong!


yeah. It's I know how I feel about home. but I will pull myself out of it. And thank you for the suggestion. I will look into it. The next challenge is getting my dad to get internet at home. I may have to do it through my phone provider.