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Trying to Move Forward

Well things are still slow and somewhat depressing even if there is a little light at the end of the tunnel... but that light is moving and I'm not sure which way it's going. Maybe someone strapped a flashlight onto a dog again. anyway.

I am still trying to move forward with my plans to move to NYC. I'm still jobless and penniless.. but a friend offered to drive me up there since he is planning a trip during the Fourth of July. My cinematographer friend Nathan will be out of town then, but is making arrangements for me to get into his apartment. I will be staying with him for 1-2 months just to get work and money to find my own place. I now have to find a way to get $300 for my initial stay. (1 month metro card, groceries and other items.) But this can only happen if I get these funds and if I can get this mechanical puppet done. Nathan and Melyssa don't have space for me to construct or build stuff.. so it has to get done before I can leave. It is coming with me. If it doesn't then I have to push the date back further.
It's irksome getting work. No one here wants to hire me because I'm over educated. While the only films shooting here say I don't have enough professional experience. EXCUSE ME! I worked for 5 years at a television news station, I worked as the art director for a feature film, I recently did costuming for a music video and I have my MFA in Film and television which required me to tons of work(over 20 credits on short films) and I saved 4 productions because producers dropped out or gave up and I did multiple tasks.. and you tell me I don't have enough professional experience.
It's really annoying. I've been thinking about this the past 2 days. I would sale something else, but I really don't have anything else to sell except a couple of swords that were all gifts. I don't know what to do.

On a brighter note. We did start our fundraiser yesterday. We are trying to raise funds for the 6 short films I plan to film in August in NYC. Our asking budget is 19000, but we do have it on a slide scale so that however much we get will dictate how many shorts we will shoot. This will help go into our investment package for the feature. If we don't get all the money for but a couple of shorts, we will film those release them and use them to raise more funds. We need a decent package and audience in order to build up our portfolio to present to potential investors. We have an interview video up with information on how to donate, some videos in the Gallery and we plan to add more videos and a possible animatic as we move through the campaign period. So stay tuned you never know what might pop up.


In case you just want to see the initial video:

We also have our Website up and running with more footage;

also we have an Elmer facebook page where I keep it up to date with robot videos. These range from music videos, shorts, commercials, ads, retro robot stuff and robotic educational information. So please stop by and like us.

Donations will help these shorts occur and hopefully facilitate a feature next year. We have some great perks with the donations. Some get free short films, some posters and some credits. And even one allows you a role on either the short film or the feature. So check them out and see what you can do to help. And remember even if you can't give money, just refer us to others, so that they can help as well. The more that know the more you allow some aspiring film makers to make their dreams come true.

And last, but not least some of the most recent armor/costuming commission finished. Some time back I worked on the Hawke Armor for Daniel. The one thing that wasn't complete was the claw glove. A leather glove was finally sent and it is finally finished. Also below the cut Ninja Gaiden armor and Nariko hip belt.
You can click on some of the images for bigger images since the journal cuts them off at a certain size.

I decided to tie the plates onto the leather glove with round leather lace. It will help the leather on leather settle in and keep the plates back against the knuckles better then rivets. Rivets can get rough on the skin. I also made an additional plate you would find on true gauntlet armor. It covers the back of the thumb area. It makes it more difficult for lucky strikes to take off your thumb, but then again I don't think Daniel is going to be getting into any fights with this armor on.

Ninja Gaiden armor. This is a finished commission for a fellow in California. He will send me pictures of himself in costume so that I can post those as well. I made him the headpiece a month or two back.
I hand carved all of the diamond pits. Also spent alot of time just trying to find oblong grommets. I tell you it is really hard to find. I finally had to order from a luggage hardware supply company in Ohio since Stimpson only sells by the 5 gross and doesn't like to deal with the little people.

last but not least is the Nariko hip armor from the video game Heavenly Swords(blades?). This is make for a young lady in the Uk. I spent time searching around for pics from concept art of the game and he action figure. Most cos-players do theirs out of fabric and have just a few symbols on it, but nothing close to the concept art. I did the best I could considering the back portion of the plate I could never find in any photos of the toy or the concept art. I decided to repeat the bottom image and expand on the Harvest/fire imagery that is on the plate already. I purchase two belts to create the one. (leather from one, buckle from the other). I probably could've saved money by getting from the same place I ordered the oblong grommets, but I didn't know at the time when searching for the belt parts. I had to cut it in half and create a hinge system. I also ended up putting d rings on it to let the belt run through. Most people run a chicago screw fro the belt to the plate, but I felt that was too inhibiting for movement. The commissioner has the option to do that if they want if they do not like how I've got it set up.


As always, you just do SUCH stunning work!!
Thanks. Did you get a chance to watch the interview video and look at our fundraiser site? Apparently I talk so much that just one of my answers it longer then Nathan or Jordan's interviews. Kevin still has to shoot his and edit with the rest of my interview.
I haven't at time to watch it, I've been working 12 hour shifts, will be most likely for at least another week.
oh ok. Be sure to get some rest in there. Could you do a favor for me if you've got time? can you repost the indiegogo fundraiser somewhere like your facebook or website or lj ? I am trying to raise awareness for the project. Even if people can't donate spreading the love works.=) It would me alot to me. This is my dream project and the only thing I've got in my life at this time.