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Kali MAh

So Here is the video for which the blood cup was made.


Also I will be posting things I am selling on here soon. I need to get rid of stuff in order to have money to move. It's funny my dad on my initial move here in 2006 made me move here with what I can carry in my car. He said he wanted me to make sure it was something I wanted to do. I made it through the first quarter and wanted to continue, so I moved my stuff down here. Now it's the same in reverse, but I can only bring back what I can carry in two cars. My best friend Fonso is driving down to help me. So I have to get rid of furniture: craigslist or dump. Get rid of shelves and other things. And I may have to sell all of movies if not most of them and including any masks and props left over dirt cheap just to make it home. I can't say I regret moving here. I made new friends, learned much about film making and made some films in the process. I don't regret it, but I feel like I've failed even though I know it is not true. But after watching Kung Fu Panda.... I am ready to keep moving forward. Forward is the only movement allowed, for backwards may have you walking off a cliff.